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If you found yourself breezing through the single-player activities in previous games, then you should be glad to find a ramped-up difficulty in Mario Kart 7. Mr Zoob Torrent drivers are merciless in both their item usage and driving tactics, smartly taking tricky shortcuts or blocking your attempts to land shells on their noggins, which forces you to up your own skill if you're going to come out on top. The rubber banding that previously snatched victory from you at the last second has been drastically toned down in Mario Kart 7, so you finally feel as if you're in control of your own destiny. There is still one strange quirk, though: Your time is no longer recorded so you won't know just how narrowly you won (or lost). How much you get out of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad really depends on how much time you put into it. This is a demanding, slowly paced game of authentic infantry combat where success depends almost entirely on your patience and willingness to wait out opponents. If you approach it properly, you can't help but be impressed and captivated by the grim majesty of the multiplayer battlefields. But with that said, this game pretty much defines the term "acquired taste." The challenge and sheer intimidation of getting started are almost overwhelming, and the numerous problems with the new single-player mode actually make it more likely, not less likely, that players will quit out of frustration before seeing what the game's all about. This is a realistic WWII shooter that is worth trying, but the unique and unforgiving nature of its squad warfare means that you need to spend a lot of time learning the ropes. If you can make the commitment, go for it; you'll be rewarded with one of the most
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You learn new dragon shouts, solve puzzles, discover tomes that you might return to the College of Winterhold for a tidy sum, and so forth. If you are a werewolf (which means joining the Dawnguard and forgoing lording over others as a vampire), you too get a set of perks all to yourself, and there is all-new armor to don and weapons to use, like the new crossbows. You can even now do battle while mounted, which feels a bit loose and clumsy, but is a nice touch nonetheless, since you don't need to dismount every time a wolf chomps at your steed's legs. Despite all of their abilities, Titans are not overpowered. You need to research a lot of tech to enhance their weaponry and damage capability, and move them up in level before they hit their full potential. Even then, Titans need allies, or enemy fleets can whittle them down to nothing. New corvettes, again unique to each faction, are another solution to smash-'em-up battles. Instead of being head-on attack craft, corvettes have the ability to cause damage to foes in more subtle ways, such as by slowing enemy ships, causing them to sustain more damage, or bogging down their repairs. Deploy them smartly, and you can turn the tables in bat
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It can only be found by entering the infinitive, "to eat." This is poor design to begin with, but the lack of Help file to explain these quirks compounds the problem. We also found at least one error--the Spanish word for "for" is "por," not "pro"--that makes us question the validity of all the program's translations. The program's interface is attractive and intuitive, with graphical buttons representing its major features. We inserted a CD and the program immediately connected to the MusicBrainz database and grabbed the track names and other album information. Ripping the CD was as easy and choosing a destination folder and choosing from among 21 output formats. The program quickly ripped the tracks and saved them appropriately. To be honest, Express Rip doesn't have a ton in the way of features; users can adjust the encoder settings if they want, and the program gives users a choice between MusicBrainz and FreeDB for album information. There are a few other basic items that can be customized, and that's about it. But we don't love Express Rip for its multitude of features; we love it because it's easy to use and does what it's supposed to do, which is a lot more than we can say for many similar programs. It also has an online Help file that is well-written and thorough, another rarity. We think this program is a great choice for users who need a basic but well-designed CD ripper. The program's interface requires more patience than we expected, since its layout overflows with foreign-looking command icons. Fortunately, there's enough onscreen direction to keep most users in control. Creating a new invoice takes mere minutes, once you understand the layout. We set up our company's profile, including name, logo, and taxes, and Simply Invoice automatically populated our documents with the appropriate information in the appropriate places, which is a great time saver. The program proves a simple blank invoice with places for c
September 2006 brought the owners of Xbox 360 the 13th title of the series (and they welcomed it open heartedly). It is just a matter of time - until February to be exact - before the rest of the gaming community can jump into the action with the release of PC, PS2 and PSP versions. The combat maps offer a few types of terrain, ranging from green hills to desert dunes, volcanic terrain and snow covered heights. Without making use of excessive scenery details (watersides, trees), the maps are nicely designed, keeping the overall war atmosphere present. Fade traces of old monumental sites are scattered throughout the lands and ancient relics have such an importance that they are worth the fate of a battle (defend all of them well and in 5 minutes victory is yours). A nice touch in this kind of strategies is the implementations of a research tree, borrowed from the turn based Civilization 4. Unfortunately, the research is not kept from one developed town to another so after every successful mission we have to get start all over again. The tree is not that big to begin with but it presents some very useful upgrades to farms, tax collectors, road and many more. In time they get to be a lot more varied so it would be impossible to research them all. The GUI works rather niftily for the macro management; however, as it is the case with Civilization or Total War games, once your lands start growing, accessing every settlement/province/whatever becomes increasingly difficult and time consuming. This makes scrolling between town panels next to madness. If done by the book, a simp
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With Imikimi Photo Frames Lite you can easily express your mood, style and creativity.LITE: Photo Frames Lite is fully functional, but only has access to frames from 1 of the 400 categories and only 5 of the 30+ FX available in the full Frames & FX app. Photo Frames Lite is Ad-supported.If you like Photo Frames Lite, be sure to check out the full Frames & FX app, featured New and Noteworthy by Mr Zoob Torrent (Feb 9th 2010). Access 2 million+ frames from over 400 categories. Use the easy and powerful FX engine to touch up or distort your photos! Plus, no ads!PHOTO FRAMING MADE EASY (and Fun!)1 - FIND just the right frame: Staff picks, Mr Zoob Torrent and Related2 - CREATE your personalized Kimi: Add photos from Facebook, your Photo Mr Zoob Torrentry or your iPhone camera and stylize with FX3 - SHARE: Post on Facebook, E-mail or TXTSHARE YOUR CREATIVITYWhen you're all finished, share your Kimi-Framed Photos with friends and family on Faceboo
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