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Flashes of lightning cast huge shadows on the walls. Contraptions that look like the work of mad scientists clutter old laboratories. Luigi may be afraid to discover what's behind each new door, but you'll be eager to uncover each mansion's mysteries. To up the stakes, each level has several supersized gems hidden in hard-to-reach locations. As you navigate your way through the worlds, you notice divergent paths, though some of them aren't quite so obvious. Following these all the way to their rewards often requires more precision than avoiding the traps along the main path. Many ask you to jump off the heads of multiple flying enemies without falling to your death, or to navigate moving platforms while dodging enemies or outrunning swift walls of fire. The hidden gems unlock concept art, which you probably won't care about, but they're also usually surrounded by a hearty stockpile of gems, which you definitely should care about. Since the PS Vita is in dire need of a good shooter to take advantage of its nifty two-sticks setup, you would think that a Call of Duty game to mark the arrival of Black Ops II on the system's big-console brothers would be just the ticket. You would think wrong. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is a ticket to nothing but aggravation. This sad excuse for a portable first-person shooter shoots itself in the foot over and over again. Sing
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Wall jumping in particular feels off too. Despite hitting the controls with precise timing, you won't always stick or rebound as you should, and these sequences turn into aggravating wrestling matches with the game mechanics that frequently end with a drop to your doom. And yet things get tiresome. Beatbuddy's reliance on the bass-bumping coral to drive the music and overcome obstacles means that they're scattered throughout every level, and their centrality unfortunately prevents Threaks from spicing up the basic mechanics with different elements. That's not to say that such elements don't exist--there's the Bubbly Buggy, for instance, an armed vessel that blasts enemies and allows Beat to move quickly through cramped tunnels, but its sequences tend to come off as annoyances and unwelcome distractions from Beat's simple punches and thrusts. The continual bobbing to the music grows wearisome in some of the more frantic segments that require precision, as does the need to only use the propulsion system on every second beat. Outside of the story sequences, however, you spend most of Soul Hackers exploring the aforementioned dungeons. You traverse these stages from a first-person viewpoint, exploring to find items and clues. Oftentimes, you need to solve a puzzle or find a hidden trigger to open a door or reveal an important item. While some of these "dungeons" are typical buildings and industrial facilities, the areas in the virtual world of Paradigm X are more interesting and surreal. The layouts of these areas quickly become complex and challenging, and some of the puzzles the game presents are tricky indeed. Certain dungeons straddle the fine line between clever and annoying, because you have to deal with random encounter
Supernatural themes intertwine with conflicts between underground factions, the horrors of each element providing two equally macabre sides to a single coin. In the confines of the metro, betrayal is common and trust is a commodity. Here, your greatest enemies are your fellow humans, who are unafraid to cheat and steal if it means gaining favor from the right people. On the brutal surface, the beasts are your primary concern; at any moment, a wailing winged demon might snatch you with its talons, soar into the air, and drop you into the murky water, far from where your horrific flight began. Personalized characters make sense in BattleBlock Theater, especially because the game features a robust selection of multiplayer modes. There are eight distinct events that place you in similar arenas with unique objectives. In one mode, you attack your foe to knock his soul loose so that you can carry it, while you avoid letting him do the same thing to you. The longer you possess your adversary's spirit, the more points you accrue. In another attraction, you must tag more blocks than your opponent does within the provided time limit. There's also a mode wher
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