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He was a brilliant scientist married to the mother of the bad guy in Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children: Sephiroth. However, this tough dude does not show his age. Theoretically he's Seph's father and sort of Cloud's grandfather, but he suffered a lot of mutations thanks to his former colleague, Hojo. Enlarge picture That fascinating set of stairs never looked this good and EA has done a terrific job with recreating the fairy tale atmosphere that made Harry Potter the phenomenon it is. Hermione sure looks sexy, Ron's the usual pest and Harry's change of looks is almost as bad as in the movie. However, the characters have a je-ne-sais-quoi missing that makes them all look like lifeless robots, instead of human beings. So, even if the game features all the famous wizards and teachers you adored or despised in the movie and book, their lack of attitude will spoil the whole experience. There comes a time in a gamer's life when he must chill and relax with a cou
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Microsoft hopes the Metro Style will be equally adaptable to the various platforms Windows 8 is designed for, including desktop and mobile PCs as well as smart phones and other handheld devices. VisualPharm's icons offer a look at things to come. NetRadio's sound quality will be as good as your system's sound card and loudspeakers, all things being equal, though some stations stream higher-quality signals than others. We wish it were easier to tune in different stations, though. The provided playlist offers too few choices, and the process of adding new stations is cumbersome, to say the least. We like this small program's design and layout, and it performed as well as the other Net radio players we've tried, so we recommend it, with the caveats about station choice. A little tweaking would make Jewe NetRadio a real winner. Smart Address Bar for Internet Canon H12425 Driver adds as-you-type searching to IE's toolbar. It saves time by presenting results immediately, and it helps you find things you might not have found if you used the default method. Of course, IE lets users choose whether or not to enable searching from the address bar, and the default search engine is Microsoft's Bing. Smart Address Bar replaces Canon H12425 Driver as the address bar search tool, though you can still search Canon H12425 Driver from the Web interface. You can activate and deactivate it from the IE add-ons manager, as well as access the developer's Web site. SpeedItup offers to download another of the company's system cleaners, which is fairly typical since the company's in business to sell software. We have no problem with ad-supported freeware, nags, or ad pop-ups (SpeedItup's pop-up is mild by comparison) as long as the program does what it claims without a trial period or requiring you to buy anything. SpeedItup does what it claims. One point, speed demons: Never run Super Defrag, or any disk defragmenting tool (even the Windows defragger) on a solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs don't need defragging, and it just wears them out faster. Safetica Free has an Office-style layout, inc
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Overall, the program is a good choice for light-weight image correction, but users may find themselves quickly outgrowing it as their photo manipulation needs increase. The program's interface was incredibly simple thanks to a nice layout and excellently labeled commands. In addition, the program's initial screen is a three-step instruction on operation, and there is a nice Help file for bigger questions. The program begins offering users a little something extra right from the get-go. By clicking on the Capture button, users are given options for standard items like full-screen, windows, or a rectangular area, but surprisingly allows user to make circular, polygonal, and even hand-drawn screenshots. The image appears on screen and users can tweak it using a menu of tools along the right side. Here, simple one-click options for color adjustment, frame making, rotation, and size were excellent additions. On the opposite side users will find a menu for standard drawing tools like adding shapes and text, which we didn't find as useful. Overall, the program's functionality was great. The program's best feature was a customizable hot-key capture system. Users can set the keys they want to make a quick screen cap. The program's interface is simple and attractive, with all of its features easily accessed. Users can view flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, all organized in number sets from 0 through 12. Users click through the flashcards at their own speed, coming up with the answer in their minds and then checking against the flashcard. This is an especially effective way to learn the times tables which, as I'm sure we all remember, are only learned through lots and lots of memorization. In addition to the flashcard feature, users can test their math skills and track their scores. The tests can optionally be timed. Our only complaint is that each of the four operations must be tested separately; it would have been nice for older children to be able
This is used by the automatic rendering option** android.permission.CHANGE_COMPONENT_ENABLED_STATE **To enable / disable widget sizes** android.permission.CALL_PHONE **To support the direct dial shortcut>>Donate App
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You'll find out the wind's direction and its speed measured in meters per second and you'll get around the field by using a pretty well-designed map that appears on the right side of the screen. Three years after Namco's failed attempt to take the long-standing series in a new direction, Tekken returns to the PlayStation 2 for a fifth iteration. Would it indeed "propel the gamers of all ages to the next level in the fighting genre" as Hideo Yanagihara, director of Namco Ltd, boldly claimed back in November 2004? Well, not quite. Indeed, Tekken 5's staying true to the winning formula of the first three games and even improving it here and there, as if the fourth game never happened, marks an amazing comeback for the flagging series, but it does not really bring anything new to the crowded fighting genre. That doesn't in any way stop it from being an excellent fighting game however, one of the best the aging console has to offer. Every Resident Evil game so far offered us some great feminine characters that were even featured in the movies made out of the games. This installment doesn't feature any famous actress, but still, there's a playable chick to do the rampage with. Her name is Ada Wong and she'll appear out of the blue using her grappling gun and helping Leon out. It might be a clich?, but the two will fight in the beginning, but eventually join forces in an attempt to save Ashley. Fascinating story? It's not much, but for the Resident Evil aficionados, the plot will be a true delight. At least they changed the setting and the characters' language. Those Spanish-speaking zombies can really make your day and kill your night if you're the sensitive type. The audio is nicely done. The only thing missing is the option to get a custom radio station with your own music, but otherwise the radio stations have plenty of cool tunes, from j
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