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A mysterious book, the chatty Librom, emerges from the remains of the sorcerer's last victim. Part necronomicon and part snarky companion, Librom is your portal to the past of Magusar's former partner, and through it, you experience Magusar's rise to power. As the game's quest hub, customization menu, and glossary, it's an inventive approach that suits a portable game quite well. The lack of an overworld is odd at first, but since you're a prisoner, it makes sense in context. Rally racers are something of a rarity these days, and it's clear that the minds behind WRC Powerslide attempted to make the endangered genre more appealing to broader audiences. For one, WRC Powerslide plays more like an arcade game than Dirt with Mini Coopers, and developer Milestone littered each of the 24 levels with six power-ups that do everything from releasing smoke screens to triggering mini hailstorms above your competitors. For another, it largely abandons realistic collision mechanics in favor of physics that have Mitsubishi Lancers bouncing all over the runway. (Though to be fair, you can turn collision off.) What follows is a tale of evil, world domination, and love that weaves in touches of conspiracy theory and religious dogma to great effect. There's no denying that there's still a drop of Devil May Cry lunacy to it all, particularly in Dante's cheesy quips, but underneath that over-the-top exterior lies heart. There are real moments of drama and excitement that are coupled with some well-realised characters that walk a fine line between good and evil. It helps that they're backed by a terrific voice cast--especially the truly frightening villain Mundis--that delivers even the maddest of dialogue with the utmost sincerity. What's left is all that combat, which seems to g
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The 2010 turn-based fantasy game from Stardock came with a lot of expectations, most of which were soundly dashed due to a tremendous number of design flaws and bugs. The developer has been making amends, however. First came the generous announcement of two stand-alone expansions that would be given away to buyers of the original Elemental. Second came the news that these expansions were actually very good. What started with 2012's surprisingly strong Fallen Enchantress has been continued with Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, a follow-up that refines just about every aspect of its predecessor to create an impressive 4X strategy game. Although Returns 3D does suffer on the visual front, the stirring soundtrack sounds just as incredible on the 3DS. The catalog has been pulled from the original Donkey Kong Country games on the Super Nintendo, albeit in remixed form, along with new tracks that fit the jungle-explorer theme quite well. The music echoes the onscreen hijinks. The serene melody as you venture across sandy beaches matches the soothing power of the sea, and the music shifts gears to a more energetic beat when you board a flying barrel to steer through falling debris. It's an excellent soundtrack that does a great job of balancing classic tunes with new instrumentals to make something that stands on its own. Dangers are frequently stacked against you in inventive and sometimes frustrating ways. Exploring, scavenging, harvesting resources, and building are best done in the day. Without a torch or a campfire to provide illumination when night falls, you will be torn to pieces by the demonic creatures that roam the darkness within seconds. Building a fire isn't enough either. You have to have enough wood or other fuel sources to keep it lit throughout the night, which creates a constant state of near panic every time the twilight phase of the day/night cycle arrives. Getting caught without the necessary ingredients for a fire or ample burnable materials to last the night spells instant d
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The notes offer a surprising number of features: you can customize the background and text colors, and there's a variety of fonts. You can also change the text alignment, adjust the opacity of the notes, and pin them to the desktop so that they're always visible. Inspector Parker Keygen Pad also does something its real-life counterpart never could: it allows users to set reminders that hide until the specified time. Need to remember to call your mom at 2:00 p.m.? Just set a Inspector Parker Keygen Pad reminder and go about your business, secure in the knowledge that the note will pop up (and play a sound of your choosing) when the time comes. The program's Help file is brief but intuitive. Overall, we're quite impressed with this program and feel that it really accomplishes what it set out to. We had no trouble operating the program's interface since it had practically no command icons. The program is basically like reading a report, though one rich in information. Casual computer users probably won't get much from CPU-Z, since the information it presents is heavily data oriented. However, techno
The game's user interface features very vivid colors and smooth graphics. The dark background is brilliantly highlighted with the colorful accents. This is a strategy game that is both easy to learn and challenging. The user is given a glowing orb, which the game calls "sun." This sun produces tiny orbs that are color coded to each sun. Each small orb is considered one unit, and the sun produces units at regular intervals. The goal of the game is to use these units to overcome the opponent's sun. The app offers a great tutorial that guides new users through the basics of the game and its strategy. Auralux is very heavy on CPU usage, though. Some devices with older processors may experience freezing or crashing. For best results all other applications should be deactivated. Experience the drama, intensity and excitement of World Cup Cricket! Great challenges to play when the game reaches its peak point. Struggle to get those quick runs from those few last balls. Get to play the World Cup 2011 Fever with 14 teams to select from. Inspector Parker Keygen the cricket fever mobile style.This game is not for Android tablet.Features: Choose between 3 different game modes: Quick Play, World Cup 2011 and Challenges Special 'Action Cam' view to give you a real life experience Enhanced fielding, bowling and batting game play Keywords:Sports, Pla
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The user must initially select a photo from the library or take a new picture with the camera. While the camera pictures are not as good as they could be, they are good enough for this application. Once the user has selected an image, the app automatically locates a face and places a bubble next to it. The text in the bubble can be customized by the user. The finished product can then be shared via various social networks. Before you can get to the app's camera, you have to sift through not one, but two different ad agreements. You can opt out of them if you want. Even if you don't, Inspector Parker Keygen Camera With Inspector Parker Keygen will slide ads all over your phone, including the browser and status bar. As for the actual camera, it doesn't take great photos without the filters. Your pictures will come out darker than if you took them with your phone's default camera. Once you start tinkering with the app's filters, you'll find the only truly redeeming quality of the app. There are about 20 of them and they all look wonderful. Sadly, you can't apply them to photos you already have on your phone. That's probably the last nail in this app's coffin. Media Player for Android can barely even load without crashing. When it is working, it doesn't give you
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